Would You Want To Spend This Much Time On These Chunky & Beautiful Box Braids? I Would!

Box braids offer a great opportu ity for those that wa t to exte d their hair do ma y differe t style. Also, there is the be efit of havi g a protective hair style that’s easy to mai tai . As the video will show, box braids ca be styled i ma y differe t a d i [...]


Finding excellent details is the first step for you to start solving your problem.

Finding excellent details is the first step for you to solve your hair loss problem. Fortunately, there are a number …


Best Deep Conditioners For Dry Natural Hair - Trials N Tresses

If you're looking for the best deep conditioners to moisturize your tresses we've got you covered with the best deep conditioners for dry natural hair.


The Best Natural Hair Care Products + Tips

Toss toxic shampoos, conditioners + styling products for these tried and tested natural hair care products and organic hair alternatives!


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We've discussed the process of the L.O.C Method but do you know the best L.O.C method products for natural hair that you should try? Here's a list!


Twist Out Curls Dazzling With Shine!

Twist Out Curls Dazzling With Shine! Natural Hair Mag are the founders of Team Naturals hair care products. Using the best ingredients, our products will help you achieve the length, strength, and health you want for your hair. Suggested Videos


The Best 3 Deep Conditioners for Fine Hair | Curls Understood

We breakdown our picks for the best deep conditioner for fine hair. Natural hair is fine no matter the texture but if yours is especially fine read on.


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13 Best Hair Care Products for Split Ends in 2020 | Hair styles, Hair makeup, Hair

Want to know how to prevent split ends? Try a hair care treatment from this list and say "buh-bye" to damaged hair


Strengthening Grow Long Super Fast Strength Leave-in Conditioner - Marc Anthony True ProfessionalMarc Anthony True Professional - Professional Hair Care and Body Care Products

Professional Hair Care and Body Care Products


Homemade Natural Hair Products: 9 Fantastic and Easy Recipes

Here are 9 natural hair products you can make on your own at home - Easilt and quickly. Including: Homemade shampoo, homemade hair mask and much more.


8 Best Ayurvedic Hair Care Products To Use In 2019

Hair care is tough and even tougher with all the chemicals that come the hair care products today. try one of these Ayurvedic hair care products instead. They are the best in the market!


Natural Hair. Now we give you the best possible hair styles and helpful advice for natural tresses, which usually comes in several styles, colors, sizes, and finishes, the style options are countless. Here is your own justification to let your natural texture glimmer in all of it's magnificence. 92276608 Natural Hair Care 101 What Is Co Washing #NaturalHairTips


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Treat your tresses with natural, healthy hair care products devoid of synthetic ingredients.


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Detangling can be so annoying at times but when done with the right tools can be life changing. Here are the 5 best tools to help detangle natural hair.



what to use to style your natural hair after a wash


6 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar on Natural Hair

Via AppleCiderVinegarBenefits.com Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has long been used as a natural hair care product to promote healthy hair in both men and woman. Its acidity is close to that of natural …


Top 5 Protein Treatments for Natural Hair | ShayNatural

Protein is needed in order to strengthen our natural hair. Depending on your hair porosity, you will use protein once a month or once per week.


Strengthening Grow Long Super Fast Strength Leave-in Conditioner - Marc Anthony True ProfessionalMarc Anthony True Professional - Professional Hair Care and Body Care Products

Professional Hair Care and Body Care Products


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These are the best curl enhancing products for wavy hair that works for blondes, brunettes, red heads, and every color in-between! You'll love the results!


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Aloe vera gel and juice has many benefits for hair and skin including growing long hair, moisturizing skin, and just being a tasty drink!


Hair growth obstacle????????‍♀️ #hairgrowth Hair growth obstacle????????‍♀️ - #growth #hair #obstacle


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It's that time of year again. Time to pay close attention and protect our tresses. So here are the best oils and butters for winter natural hair care.


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Making homemade conditioner for natural hair is as easy as 1, 2, and 3 with this 4 ingredient recipe!


Building a Regimen

Building a natural hair regimen More


Natural Hair

Natural Hair Care — myhaircrush: by @etcblogmag “POROSITY!...


GO GREEN TIP #90: Homemade Natural Hair Care Products

Homemade Natural Hair Care Products As the Spring weather gets warmer and we start spending more time outside, our health and beauty needs change. Chlorine damage from the pool, ultraviolet radiation and air pollutants can take a serious toll on your hair, but that doesn't have to mean reliance on chemical-filled commercial products. Some of the best alternatives may already be lying around your house– in the kitchen! These common ingredients are nutrient-rich and inexpensive, and can repair and protect your hair from damage. They can be used individually to target a specific problem, or can be combined with other


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Wash day doesn't have to be scary or long. Here's a simple natural hair wash day routine to take the stress out of your wash day routine.